Please complete our ONLINE INQUIRY FORM to begin the application process.  After completing the Online inquiry form a link to the application will be emailed to you.

We are delighted with your interest in Pasadena Waldorf School.

Application Process  Once a completed online application is received, an interview with the teachers, parents and student will be arranged.  Following the interview the student may be invited to visit the class for 1 to 3 school days (grades 2 – 12) before their file is sent to the Admissions Committee for review.

Application Deadline  Although our initial application deadline has passed, applications will be considered on a space available basis. Please call the Admissions Office to find out if space is available in the grade you are looking for! 626-794-9564 x209

Acceptance  Acceptance to PWS will be communicated by email.  Students who are accepted for classes that do not have space will be offered a place in the wait pool for that grade.