Thank You for Your Interest in Pasadena Waldorf School

First Steps – Introduce Yourself

Complete an Inquiry Form

Complete an INQUIRY FORM to let us know more about your family, request additional information, and find out about upcoming Admissions Events.

Attend a Tour or Open House

High School Open Houses are held on a Saturday in October through January. They are a full program and include sample interactive classes for both students and adults, tours, refreshments, and a chance to hear from faculty, staff, and current students.

Parent Tours (Grades K-8) are held October through January from 8:45 am to 10:45 am. Tours give parents a peek into a Waldorf Kindergarten and a first-hand look at Main Lesson classes in Grades 1 – 8. Main Lesson is a concentrated morning academic period scheduled in blocks; subjects include the sciences, mathematics, and humanities.

Preschool Open Houses are held monthly on Saturday mornings throughout the year. They are a chance for you and your child to explore the beautiful classrooms and yards and find out more about how Waldorf education benefits children’s social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Parent Child (Sweet Pea) Class Meet and Greets are held weekly during the school year for children who will be 10 – 36 months in September. Visit the Sweet Pea classroom and meet with Ms. Adrienne to learn more about this lovely introduction to Waldorf education.

Next Steps – Apply

Submit Online Application

Create an account on Pasadena Waldorf School’s ADMISSION PORTAL.

Complete and submit an application. The portal will allow you to edit, review, and save an application form until you are ready to submit.  Be sure to complete all required sections of the Admission Portal.

Letters of Recommendation

For Preschool to Grade 6, we need to receive a Teacher and Head of School Recommendation Form.

For Grades 7-12, Recommendation Forms must by submitted by your child’s current main, English and math teachers as well as by the Head of School.

These forms can be emailed through your Admission Portal, or are downloadable from the list below.

Upload Reports or Request Transcripts

In addition to the online application, class reports/transcripts are required.

For Grades K-8, please upload the past three years reports/report cards

For Grades 9-12, please download the Release of Records and take to your current school. Transcripts can be mailed, or emailed directly


An Interview will be scheduled for the student (and their parents in Preschool through Grade 8) by the Admission Office after completed application, transcripts, and recommendations have been reviewed. This is a required event.

Student Visit

After the interview, the student may be invited for a One to Three Day Visit with the class.

Pasadena Waldorf School Media and Technology Statement

Media and Technology

Applying Student Forms for Download (these forms are available directly from your Admission Portal)

Transcript/Records Request Form

Principal or Head of School Recommendation Form for Preschool – 12

Teacher Recommendation for Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1

Teacher Recommendation Form for Grades 2 – 6

Math Teacher Recommendation for Grades 7-12

English Teacher Recommendation for Grades 7-12