Erin Semin

Pedagogical Administrator

Ms. Semin brings 25 years of experience working in Waldorf and anthroposphical settings to her position of Pedagogical Administrator of Pasadena Waldorf School. After receiving her BS in Education and Special Education (dual-certification) from the State University of New York at Geneseo, she worked in residential intentional communities for individuals with special needs as a house-parent, teacher and co-worker. Before moving to California with her family, Ms. Semin spent 15 years at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia as a teacher in the Kindergarten Parent and Child Program, learning support teacher in the grades, Faculty Chair and member of the school's College of Teachers and Leadership Team. Currently, she is the Chair of the PWS College of Teachers, member of the Professional Development Mandate Group, and represents PWS as the school's AWSNA Delegate.

Ms. Semin is also the parent of three PWS students (one alumna, two in the PWS High School). In her spare time she loves seeing live music, cooking, speaking about child development and Waldorf Education, and traveling, especially exploring the west coast with her family.