Mary Ann Kirigin

Grade 7 Class Teacher

Location: Mariposa Campus

Ms. Kirigin grew up in Bakersfield, but was lucky enough to summer in Croatia where she is originally from. She began her teaching career in 2001, teaching 5th grade in the Los Angeles Unified School District. After receiving her Waldorf teaching credential in 2008, she taught at both Highland Hall and Westside Waldorf School before becoming the lead class teacher for first grade at Pasadena Waldorf School in 2014.

During her years teaching in public school, Ms. Kirigin became interested in alternative forms of teaching. Seeing the needs of the whole child ignored in the public domain inspired her to begin seeking a pedagogy that was more in tune with the children before her. She literally stumbled upon Waldorf Education by chance with a stranger at a bookstore. That fateful day she immediately rushed home inspired to continue researching the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner and a spark of joy was lit. Here was the answer to her questions about human development and the method to teach the young children in her classroom. Mary Ann quickly changed courses and began her Waldorf teacher training. Her school days are an endless source of inspired joy and the freedom and creative skills her students exhibit are a testament to the power of Waldorf Education.