Samuel Glaze

Middle School Math & Science, High School US History Teacher

Location: Mariposa Campus

Mr. Glaze grew up and went to public schools in Glendale. He was a student at Occidental College when he met Virginia Sease, Oxy professor of German and a former Waldorf teacher. Through a series of conversations he was drawn to the Waldorf Institute in Detroit, Michigan, run by Werner Glas and Hans Gebert,. Sam ended up back in California to take the first grade class at Highland Hall in September 1974. After two classes at Highland Hall, and some experience in Santa Fe and Seattle, Sam took the PWS second grade in 1991. Two classes later, Sam completed the eighth grade class that would go on to be Pasadena Waldorf High School’s first graduating class. During his last eight-year term, he married and had a daughter, Sara, who now is a middle school student at PWS. He is currently teaching a variety of classes from geography in fifth grade and sixth, to US government and history to grade eleven. He is presently the senior member of our senior staff and enjoys getting to know and teach students of all ages. For him, Waldorf Education delivers the most well-rounded program to students.