Michelle Foxx

Woodworking Teacher, After School Care Director

Location: Mariposa Campus

Since 2002, Ms. Foxx has been a fixture at Pasadena Waldorf School as the Woodworking Teacher and Director of the school's After School Care program. Before working at PWS, she spent for 15 years as a contractor in the movie business making scale miniatures and building sets.

Ms. Foxx enjoys most watching the PWS students learn, grow, and build up their imagination. She is fascinated by how the brain works in the learning process, and how hands work in cooperation with (or struggle against) desires. One of the things she most appreciates about Waldorf Education is the way the curriculum meets the students at their developmental stage of life at every age. "This way of teaching and learning has proven to be a very enlivening and effectual path for growth, and I appreciate the beauty of its straightforwardness," states Ms. Foxx, "I haven’t experienced any method of teaching that is so impactful and, adding the actual content of the curriculum and how it meets students on a very personal level, is beyond inspiring. I feel blessed to find myself on this life path."