Rosa Balderrama

Lily Kindergarten Teacher

Location: Mariposa Campus

Rosa has been the Lily kindergarten teacher since 2010, but her journey with PWS began many years before first as a parent, then later as a kindergarten assistant. Rosa taught both kindergarten and 1st grade with Los Angeles Unified School District before becoming a stay-at-home mom with the birth of her third child.

From her first visit to the PWS campus, Rosa felt in her heart that this was the school she wanted for her children. Something stirred inside her as well that told her she wanted to teach here. Although she held a teaching credential and a degree in urban studies, she needed to learn much more to become a Waldorf teacher. She began a personal quest to learn Waldorf curriculum, pedagogy and philosophy. By attending workshops and by listening and applying what she learned from the teachers around her, she began to develop her knowledge and skills to fulfill her dream. She completed her full training at the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento. She has continued her studies in Waldorf Education by completing the Early Childhood Therapeutic training to help her meet the needs of her students.

Rosa’s love of nature, festivals and storytelling can be felt throughout her teaching day. The love she has for children can be seen in the joy the children have in learning. Rosa’s children become her own children not just during the day, for they are “carried” with her in her heart always.