The Pasadena Waldorf School educates students from early childhood to the adolescent years – through an intentional and developmental curriculum and pedagogy. Teachers make decisions at each step along the way to bring our students what will nurture and support the fullest unfolding of their potential.  

Research indicates that the impact of electronic media can have detrimental effects on a young child’s healthy growth and development. We encourage families to incorporate our progressive practice to eliminate, or at least radically reduce screen time to in their children’s daily lives, especially during early childhood.  As students grow a thoughtful approach to progressively introducing media and technology as they advance through the grades with the developmental guidance and consultation of their teachers is encouraged.

In our school curriculum, technology is gradually introduced during the middle school years because this is when the students are most ready to begin to understand the implications and ramifications of the digital world.  A meaningful curriculum is presented to middle school students that allows them to orient their own use of technology in a wider social context. By the high school years, both media and technology are fully integrated into our school program to prepare students for college and beyond.