• The May Faire Flower Basket


Dear Pasadena Waldorf School Community,

This page is dedicated to offering simple ideas (“flowers”) for fun and beautiful activities to do with your family to participate in our unified-from-home May Faire festival picnic.

Our May Faire festival is traditionally an opportunity for our whole school community of children, parents, grandparents, special friends, teachers, and staff, to come together for dancing, singing, wreath-making, while picnicking in the sun, usually on the grass around the Maypole. This Friday, May 1st, we invite you to join us in celebration of May Faire, with a family picnic at your home. Please join our 'unified at home' celebration by taking a break from your work on Friday from 11 am - 2 pm (or as you are able.)



Gather Materials for May Crown making:  Ribbons, string, vines, leaves, garden or masking tape, scissors, and scout out local flowers.  Unless you can refrigerate the flowers, don’t gather those until you are ready to make the crowns.  Hardy greenery like lavender, rosemary, long grasses, etc. will help your wreath last longer.  The refrigerator is the place to preserve fresh wreaths.

Watch the short tutorial below on how to weave a crown, and check out two high school students' videos of their crownmaking as well. Thank you Kristine and Lewisa!

Big Tree Names

Morning Glory

Hanging Ribbons - celebrate this day by hanging colorful ribbons around your home, inside or out.  Mrs. Balderrama shares that she has written the name of each of her students on a ribbon for hanging in her tree.

Lily studentsr


Gratitude Flags Will be flying along the gates of our campuses.

Do a Drive-by of the two PWS campuses Friday mid-morning through the month of May. We are raising the Gratitude Project Flags, streaming them from tree to tree along our school borders.  Mahalo to all the flag sewers and for everyone involved....hopefully, that’s you… To continue participating, simply express your gratitude to someone near or far!

Make a flag of your own and fly it at your house!



Prepare your picnic with real plates, utensils, napkins, cups… challenge your family to make it zero to very minimal waste!  Consider picnicking in a shady spot in the front, or where neighbors might delight and be encouraged in your picnicking gesture.



Simple songs of Spring: Three cheers for spontaneous singing and instrument playing all day!


Wear as much white as possible!  Or, go all out color bomb!  The white showcases the flowers and the smiling faces… colorful is so fun!



Make a flower garland and string it up outside or inside your house.  Use fresh or handmade flowers.



Simplicity May Day – Secure a single blossom in your hair.



Make lemonade!  Berries and cream are an extravagant treat of May Day too.


Hunt for areas of wild blooming - send photos of your family in nature to development@pasadenawaldorf.org to be added to PWS social media


Make a flower garland and string it up outside or inside your house.  Use fresh or handmade flowers.

Lavanda, lavender

Whole school Service Project - In collaboration with Maestra Martinez and the volunteer group, Know Thyself, we have a school community goal to make 50 felted soaps, 50 knitted potholders, and 100 handmade masks for the Westchester Senior Center.  Updates for participation coming in May.


Fairy Rose

May Day Flower Baskets - Put out a basket of fresh cut flowers with a note inviting your neighbors to take one in celebration of May Day.  Fresh picked fruit is a delightful offering as well!  Another idea is to prepare a simple basket of fresh things and secretly hang it on a neighbor’s door. How many can you deliver?

74154866_s Optimized


Observe the clouds. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds float by… Write a poem about what you see. You can describe the clouds like animals or plants or anything


May Day is also Lei Day.

Prepare materials to make flower leis, aloha! Waxed thread and long needles are helpful in this process, though not essential… blossom fragrance is key as well as blossom sturdiness.



Draw a colorful chalk hopscotch court on the sidewalk and play with flute music wafting in the background.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 12.51.48 PM


Go for a walk, take along a large basket and collect leaves, twigs, flowers, acorns, etc.  Make a 8” x 10” design and then do a crayon rubbing of it on paper. Rearrange and create another! Use these for May Baskets.

Birds of Paradise

Driveway mandalas - Join the 5th grade, create a simple or elaborate, symmetrical, spherical, temporary design, use materials gathered from nature.  Create the mandala on the sidewalk or driveway for your neighbors to see.


Rock Rose

Painting stones with encouraging words - Join lower school Spanish classes by writing an encouraging word, in Spanish or English, then placing the stones strategically in your neighborhood.



Postcard sending – join the second grade and other classes, as we write letters and postcards to family and friends. Include an illustration. Post it via snail mail!



Indulge in these musical and dancing links: