Regina Sims

Sunflower Preschool Assistant

Location: Mendocino Campus

Ms. Sims was born and raised in Los Angeles. She and her partner have enjoyed living in Pasadena during the past eight years. Regina's public school education did not prepare her properly for college (even with As and Bs). As a result she dropped out of college for a bit and eventually received a Bachelor degree and had a very successful 20+ year career as a paralegal. Regina's initial education shortcomings sparked her interest in helping people thrive in education and in life, and she has been doing so since 2004. Regina joined the Pasadena Waldorf family in September 2018. During her spare time, Regina enjoys relaxing with an adult coloring book or a good suspense novel. She also enjoys walking and has participated in several fundraising walks. The two walks that she feels were the most challenging but impactful were the 3-Day Walk - 44 miles over 3 days -and a walk for a non-profit in which she walked 1,000 miles in one year--2.75 miles every day that year!