Tess Parker

Camp Coordinator

Location: Mariposa Campus

Tess Parker, born and raised in New Hampshire, spent most of her life in the Northeast before relocating to Los Angeles in 2017. After graduating from Wesleyan University in CT in 2010, she set out for upstate New York where she co-founded Common Hands Farm, a biodynamic farm with a 200-member CSA. In this role, Tess helped to create and manage a yearly apprenticeship program for youth age 18-30 that hosted classroom and field learning alongside intensive farm work throughout the season. These years of agricultural entrepreneurship also inspired in Tess a real love for the culinary arts, herbalism and wildcrafting. Later working at a Camphill-inspired community, Tess also developed her love of working with populations of all ages and abilities.

During her farming years, Tess found meaning and purpose in Anthroposophy and meditative work, and began to work alongside others in this way. In her community in upstate New York, she was inspired by the creativity that sprang from Waldorf Eeducation, and noted the beauty of a community composed by Waldorf families and alumni of all generations. Tess is passionate about community, and about creating the conditions for people to come together to learn, collaborate on meaningful projects, and have fun. When she’s not designing camp programs and subbing for PWS, she works for the Anthroposophical Society in America, helping to facilitate programs, webinars, and nation-wide conferences. Just as organic farming must be practiced holistically, so too must we look at the human being and education from a holistic perspective. Tess feels grateful to work within an environment that provides for the freedom, love and growth of each child.