Niki Wior Bridges

High School Coordinator

Since joining PWS in 2016, Ms. Bridges has been a constant presence at the PWS High School and school wide events in her role as PWS High School Coordinator. Many colleagues, parents, and students often marvel at Niki's tireless work ethic. In her role she support all student activities, including class trips, prom, graduation, fundraising, and student life. She also acts as a liaison with high school parents, teachers, and students. "I love how passionate my colleagues are about what they do here, working at PWS," says Mrs. Bridges, "I am also blown away at what beautiful people our high school students are." In addition to her professional commitments to PWS, Niki is the mother of four boys. A devoted animal lover, Mrs. Bridges has been honored with awards from the Mayor of Los Angeles and Best Friends Animal Society for her work in animal rescue.