Dennis Demanett

Grade 4 Class Teacher

Location: Mariposa Campus

A Waldorf class teacher for 43 years, Dennis has completed his fourth class and is currently teaching fourth grade at the Pasadena Waldorf School. He trained in England, and took his first class from grades 1-8 through there at the Ringwood Waldorf School. Moving to Hawaii, he taught grades 7-8, grade 8, and grades 3-4 at the Honolulu Waldorf School. He then took his second class for 8 years at Pine Hill Waldorf School in New Hampshire. During the last 22 years he has taught two classes at PWS. Dennis loves teaching children through movement, music, and story. He appreciates the gift of a curriculum that is intimately related to the stages of child development, especially powerful in the teaching of history. Dennis also enjoys mentoring younger teachers, allowing him to pass on the many gifts he received from his mentors in England, teachers who founded the first English speaking Waldorf Schools. He is married to Susan Pellen Demanett, a retired Waldorf teacher, and they have an adult son.