Laura Childers

Sunflower Preschool Teacher

Location: Mendocino Campus

Laura was born and raised in Southern California. As a 3rd generation native, she has been influenced by the myriad diverse cultures that are present and vibrant in this region. As a young child, she was exposed to the arts; handwork, embroidery, cooking, music and organic gardening by her family. Her parents also often brought her and her brother to the plentiful opportunities to explore nature through camping within a few short hours from where she grew up. All of this fostered a love of and appreciation for other cultures, the natural world, storytelling, music and working with the hands.

Her three sons attended the Waldorf School of Orange County, so when she encountered the rich developmental curriculum, which aligned so much with her own philosophies, she felt at home. Inspired by Waldorf Education, pursued teaching which led her to teaching a parent and child class for 2 years, subbing in the Kindergartens and attending the Waldorf Institute of Southern California, where she received her Waldorf certificate with a specialization in Early Childhood in 2006. She began teaching mixed-age Kindergartens at the Journey School for 5 years, followed by two small Waldorf preschool initiatives for 3 years, and then moved to Golden, Colorado in 2013, continuing to teach Kindergarten for 5 more years. While in Colorado, Laura began continue to pursue educational opportunities for herself and earned a Master degree in Early Childhood Leadership & Advocacy at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Laura has loved settling back into Southern California life, close to her family and friends, and her beloved San Gabriel mountains, deserts, and the glorious Pacific Ocean just a short car ride away, just like when she was a child. She loves being the first bridge from home to school for the young child, and seeing children thrive in our program. She wants to be there when the children who started with her in preschool graduate from the PWS High School!