The College of Teachers is a group of experienced teachers and administrative staff who are dedicated to visioning of the entire School and its educational programs, and fostering the School’s cultural life and its place in the greater community. Through mandated committees, much of the practical work articulating and facilitating the educational program takes place.  Full-time teachers are hired by the full College, which makes such decisions using a consensus model.

The College of Teachers also hires the Pedagogical Administrator who works collaboratively with the faculty and Business Administrator to implement the policies, procedures, and pedagogical standards created by the College of Teachers. The Pedagogical Administrator monitors and supervises all teaching faculty, and is also generally the person who works to resolve any parental concerns that cannot be resolved at the classroom or high-school administrative level.


Erin Semin
Pedagogical Administrator
Wendy Campbell
Grade 6 Class Teacher
Blair Manzke
Grade 1 Class Teacher
Rosa Balderrama
Lily Kindergarten Teacher
Yoelle Carter Martinez
Lower & Middle School Spanish Language Teacher, High School World History Teacher
Samuel Glaze
Middle School Math & Science, High School US History Teacher
Adrienne Wilde
Sunflower Preschool Teacher, Sweet Pea Parent Child Teacher