Observation, exploration, thoughtful scientific reflection and understanding of the natural world and our human role within it serve as the foundation of the science curriculum in the Waldorf high school. Studies in all scientific subject areas — Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science — are integral parts of the core curriculum. Each year students deepen their understanding by revisiting each subject on progressively deeper levels of complexity and understanding.

The Waldorf approach to science goes beyond acceptance of pre-digested information, rather it educates students to observe carefully and objectively and to reason from what they have observed, thereby arriving at a vivid and deep scientific understanding of the world.  Working with our science faculty – all who have professional research experience – students develop in a developmentally appropriate way the skills of a modern scientist. Not only are they learning measurement, analysis, and problem-solving skills, but they are also conducting original scientific studies including field work, using spreadsheets and graphs to work with their data, collaborating with team members, and communicating their results in written, poster, and oral presentation forms.

For the mathematically adept students, the Waldorf science program offers rigorous, college-preparatory electives that build analytically on the vivid, conceptual understandings previously established.

PWS High School Science Curriculum

9th Grade


Thermal Physics

Organic Chemistry

Anatomy and Physiology



10th Grade




Inorganic Chemistry


Integrated Science Skills

11th Grade


Cell Biology


Electricity & Magnetism

12th Grade

Zoology and Evolution

Bio Chemistry

20th Century Physics