The English curriculum gives each student the opportunity to explore the universal nature of being human. The curriculum is founded on the belief that learning how to understand and communicate with others is a key responsibility of being an educated person.

Students study the great works of world literature as a tool for exploring fundamental questions of life. Similarly, Waldorf students learn how to listen, converse, and, of course, write in a clear, effective, respectful, and elegant manner.

9th Grade:

Comedy & Tragedy
The Novel
Grammar of the English Sentence
Creative Writing
The Academic Essay I

10th Grade:

Homer’s “The Odyssey”
Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”
The Double
The Academic Essay II

11th Grade:

Dante’s “Divine Comedy”
Wolfram’s “Parzival”
Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
American Literature
World Religions
Advanced Creative Writing I (elective)

12th Grade:

Russian Literature
Latin American Literature
Dystopian Literature
Modern Art Literature
Advanced Creative Writing II (elective)