Pasadena Waldorf preschool students, the Poppies and the Sunflowers, recognizable by their orange and yellow hats, are immersed in a rich play-based curriculum that serves as a foundation for their later academic success.

The importance of play is a guiding principle within the Waldorf perspective of Early Childhood education. During playtime, the children transform the room using many simple toys, play stands, blocks, cloths, and dress-up materials. Through their imaginative and creative forces, the children imitate the world around them. The activity of play encourages communication, socialization, and collaboration among the students. The group consciousness builds upon these interactions, allowing for increased growth and development with all children. Rousing outdoor playtime comes with a good deal of climbing, swinging, digging, hauling pumped water, insect hunting, imaginative play, games, and plenty of running. The children are encouraged to participate in exploring and connecting with the natural world through their own activity while outdoors.

Minimum age is 3 years  by September 1 and children must be potty-trained.




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