Our Parent Child (also known as the Sweet Pea) class is a small-group of around 10 children with a parent (or caregiver) provide an early opportunity to learn more about Waldorf education and healthy parenting. Through reading, discussion, and most importantly class observation we learn how to support our children during their first 7 years of childhood. This is a unique class designed for both the parent and the child. Our goal is to create a calm, loving space for our children in class and at home. Together we support the child’s natural individuation process. While it is usual to see more parallel play at this development state, we can begin to observe the children connecting more and more with one another. We want to see the children play freely on their own or with peers and to be active in their play rather than remain passive and have the parents “play” the toys for them. Through observation and discussion we support each other and our children in this new, exciting stage of development.

The PWS Sweet Pea program will continue as soon as current regulations allow.  At that time, we will open Meet-and-Greets (prerequisite to enrolling in classes). Click here to fill out a Sweet Pea Interest Form and be contacted when we resume Meet-and-Greet sessions.

Classes are for children 10 months to 3 years and meet once or twice a week for two hours.

Sweet Pea class one time per week (ages 10 – 18 months) $1,750

Sweet Pea classes two times per week (ages 18 months – 3 years) $3,475