Early childhood lays the foundation for future academic success.

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Pasadena Waldorf School delivers a comprehensive, multi-sensory early childhood curriculum. Carefully designed to build age-appropriate foundational skills, the program builds a foundation that will allow the young child to flourish from the elementary grades through high school.

Pasadena Waldorf recognizes that the best long-term outcomes are not achieved by rushing immediately into advanced skills, but are rather built up gradually in a developmentally-appropriate manner, using age-appropriate activities. This is the advantage of the proven Waldorf curriculum, which has been successfully employed at more than a thousand schools around the world for over 90 years. From the parent-toddler classes through the nursery and on into kindergarten, essential cognitive and developmental skills are carefully cultivated in a joyful and nurturing environment.

It's not how quickly you get there. It's how "there" you are when you arrive.