Awakening the child’s capacities through a curriculum based on child development

Early Childhood          Lower School          Middle School          High School

The picture of the human being is central to every study, thus rendering every subject, whether mathematics or music, history or botany, relevant and meaningful to the lives of students now. Subjects studied in this way do not become obsolete, but instead nurture strength and power within the students to carry into the future. Classroom surroundings and materials are wholesome and beautiful.

The twelve-year curriculum is perceived as a unity in which the content of one year evolves organically into the material of the next.  Since the subjects are specifically designed to meet each stage of child development, year by year the experience of learning, like life itself, is a cohesive whole.

Careful integration of subject matter makes learning part of life. Care is taken to build as broad a base as possible, thus arts are naturally a part of academics, music relates to physics and math, and physical education frequently reflects the history of any given year.  An education experienced as an integrated whole leads children quite naturally to the anticipation that adult life is fulfilled only when it balances intellectual, cultural, artistic, physical, and social aspects.