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PWS Guided Learning from Home is a new remote-only learning program specifically designed for students and families who are homeschooling, or need to stay safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, to receive grade and age-appropriate Waldorf and core educational content for their child. The program will be broken into Learning Groups (currently one for Early Childhood students and one for Grades 1-5 students.) Each group will be led by a Learning Guide who presents concepts and grade-appropriate work and activities in a half-day schedule. For each Learning Group, sessions will cover 4 half days of the regular school week and will include synchronous (live) time over Zoom, asynchronous material presented electronically and independent work or play time.

Program Requirements:

For both Learning Groups live instruction will take place over the Zoom platform and families will receive content, worksheets, songs or story files and demonstrations over the Canva platform. Students should have access to a laptop, desktop or high-quality tablet to access these materials.

Parents will receive a 'materials list' each week with materials and supplies to gather for the coming lessons. All work materials and supplies will be supplied by the family.

Key Program Features and Info:

  • 4 days per week / half day of live interaction and program working remotely with a PWS Learning Guide.  Our Learning Guide will be mentored by a PWS teacher and have access to the academic work and content of the PWS class for each student's age and grade
  • Early Childhood and Grades 1-5, Groups
      • Early Childhood - non-academic program with activities that mirror the PWS in-person Early Childhood program and still leaves plenty of time at home for indoor and outdoor free play. 
      • Grades 1-5 - Focus on core Reading, Writing/Language Arts, and Math, and with shared curriculum from PWS Grades 1-5 programs
  • Limited Group Size - maximum ten students per learning group
  • The program will cover the basic Reading, Writing, Language Arts, and Math skills as taught in the PWS classes with material curated, presented and monitored by the Learning Guide. Instruction will happen live, and work may happen in live work rooms or independently by the student at other times in the day/week.
  • The program will deliver the World Culture and Story content for each grade group as provided by PWS class teachers and presented daily, asynchronously.  This content will be worked with by students and their PWS Learning Guide in artistic, writing and project activities.
  • The program will include limited Movement and warm-up activities, some Artistic Work and time to work socially with others.  The full range of PWS Special Subject classes will not be included in the program.
  • Homeschool Affiliation: PWS is a private school with an affidavit so families who are homeschooling children can claim this as a Private Satellite Program (PSP) when submitting their plan or paperwork to their local school district. 
  • Program Dates and Fees:
    Program Dates Jan 11 - May 28
    Early Childhood $3,650
    Grades 1-5 $4,500


Register Now

To learn more about the program and see if it is the right fit for your family, set up a 20-minute phone call with PWS Admissions using the scheduler below:

Itsy Bitsy Spider in Spanish with PWS Preschool teacher Laura Cabral

Check out the HomeSchoolMom Blog for great insights and resources for homeschooling options for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child enrolled at Pasadena Waldorf School if I join the Guided Learning from Home program?

Your child will be registered in the Guided Learning from Home program. However they will not be enrolled as a student at Pasadena Waldorf School. To enroll at PWS, parents should go through the Admissions process.

Who leads the program and activities?

The program will be overseen and coordinated by the PWS Learning Guide (former Waldorf classroom assistant and/or Waldorf teacher in training). The PWS Learning Guide will be mentored and overseen by an experienced PWS Class Teacher. You, the parent(s), are your child's teacher.

Who determines what I teach my child?

You, the parent(s), are the teachers of your child and will be responsible for filling out their plan for educational activities through the year. As a part of the Guided Learning from Home program, the program fee you pay includes the cost of the Waldorf-based instructional content and activities provided by the Learning Guide during the program hours. You, as the teacher, are free to supplement these core learning activities with your own or other materials, lessons and activities.

How often does the parent need to meet with the PWS Learning Guide?

Pasadena Waldorf School does not require meetings between parents and the PWS Learning Guide.  However, the PWS Learning Guide is available as a helpful resource, for assistance or if a simple check-in is needed.  These meetings can be arranged as online meetings or phone calls.

What is a Private Satellite Program (PSP)?

A PSP is a private school that has filed a Private School Affidavit. The PWS Learning Guide will remind you to turn in the required attendance records and course of study for the school's records. If your student is Kindergarten age or above,  you will also be expected to inform your local school district that you have moved to a homeschool mode and may be required to submit your learning plan for your child to the district.

What is the difference between the current in-person program and the PWS Guided Learning from Home program?

Being ​fully enrolled at Pasadena Waldorf School means a student is participating in its fully accredited Waldorf Education program where the teachers are providing the curriculum including special subjects such as languages, music and handwork. ​Registering for the Guided Learning from Home program is not full enrollment.  Students in this program are Home School students and the primary responsibility for their educational planning rests with their parents or guardians.  Our program will provide important, age appropriate educational materials and activities which will help a student remain on track with core academics and some of the story and cultural curriculum of the Waldorf school.

Although the PWS Guided Learning from Home program is a PSP of the accredited Pasadena Waldorf School, the legal status of the enrollment is that of a homeschool. Because that status is different, vaccination requirements do not apply. Therefore, if a student wants to enroll in the school, the vaccination requirement will apply.

The advantage of registering in the Guided Learning from Home program is that it presents a structured and grade-appropriate approach to academic instruction in reading, writing, language arts and math which will keep students level with their peers should they enroll in PWS at a later date.  In addition, students will have access to the World Culture and Story curriculum for their grades which is content specific to Waldorf schools.