Please complete our ONLINE INQUIRY FORM to begin the application process.  After completing the Online inquiry form a link to the application will be emailed to you.


We are delighted with your interest in Pasadena Waldorf School.

Application Process  Once a completed online application is received, an interview with the teachers, parents and student will be arranged.  Following the interview the student may be invited to visit the class for 1 to 3 school days (grades 2 – 12) before their file is sent to the Admissions Committee for review.

Application Deadline  Completed applications received by January 22nd will be given acceptance notifications on March 4th.  Applications received after this date will be considered on a space available basis.

Acceptance  Acceptance to PWS will be communicated by email and US post.  Students who are accepted for classes that do not have space will be offered a place in the wait pool for that grade.  Applications received by January 22nd will receive notice of their acceptance by March 4th.


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Applying Student Forms for Download


Principal or Head of School Recommendation Form for Preschool – 12

Teacher Recommendation Form for Grades Kindergarten – 6

Math Teacher Recommendation for Grades 7-12

English Teacher Recommendation for Grades 7-12