School and Student Services (SSS) opens to PWS Parents on October 2, 2019. Parents are encouraged to start their Tuition Assistance (TA) applications as soon as possible.

PWS gives priority to re-enrolling students and siblings with complete, on-time TA applications. The remaining TA Budget is available for new enrollments.

For new applicants, PWS strives to deliver Admissions and TA decisions concurrently.

Re-enrolling families must complete online re-enrollment to claim their TA amounts, including making the enrollment payment. After 10 business days, TA amounts for those with incomplete re-enrollment expire, and the amounts will be returned to the TA budget.

New enrollments who submit completed TA applications on-time will receive their admissions decision and TA amount on Friday, March 6, 2020. Enrollment must be completed within 10 business days to claim the TA amount. TA amounts for those with incomplete enrollment will expire, and the amounts will be returned to the TA budget.


  1. Before applying, please read both the PWS TA Policy and the SSS Instructions in full
  2. Create an account with SSS or log in to your existing SSS account.
  3. Enter the Pasadena Waldorf School SSS code: 5687.
  4. Submit the Parent Financial Statement (PFS).
  5. Complete Section 20 of the PFS which acts as a cover letter. It is the place to explain your financial situation and include any pertinent financial documentation.
  6. Upload All Required Documents. Note: PWS cannot accept hard copies of any financial documents. SSS is used for secure uploading.*

*SSS may also request business taxes, current year federal and state taxes, and other documentation where applicable.


SSS provides customer service by phone, email, and Family Portal chat. Contact the SSS Parent Support Line for support at 800.344.8328.

The TA liaison supports the work of the Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC) and facilitates communication with families. You may receive requests for information or clarification from TAC through this email address:

Tuition Assistance at PWS

Tuition Assistance (TA) at PWS supports diversity and inclusion, a hallmark of the school’s educational and social mission which enriches education and builds social capacities in us all.

  • TA is allocated to students entering kindergarten through grade 12 (and preschool with an older sibling at PWS) based on proven financial need and the availability of funds.
  • Need is determined by the Tuition Assistance Committee (TAC) utilizing an assessment by SSS. SSS helps independent schools across the country determine a family’s financial need fairly, equitably, and confidentially.
  • The TA budget is calculated as a percentage of the school-wide tuition revenue anticipated for that school year.
  • To provide TA to as many returning and new families as possible, PWS limits TA amounts to 50% of the student’s tuition.
  • TA is specific to tuition and the family is obligated to pay all applicable fees.
  • To receive TA, households must be in good financial standing with PWS and students in good academic and behavioral standing.