Financial Aid & Affordable Tuition

Making a Waldorf Education accessible is a critical social and economic component of the overall well-being of our school community.  The PWS Affordable Tuition Program is vital in promoting the overall growth and diversity of the school while ensuring the economic and social stability of the community. For the 2017-2018 academic year, PWS awarded over $1,500,000 in Affordable Tuition adjustments to 40% of the students enrolled at PWS. We acknowledge that a private school education for your student may be a considerable financial investment. We work closely with prospective and current families to find paths to affordability so that your student may appreciate the long term value of an exemplary Waldorf Education.

Applying for Affordable Tuition

Pasadena Waldorf School offers Affordable Tuition adjustments to qualified families with students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade. All Affordable Tuition adjustments are based on the current application year and the family’s current financial situation.   A new application is required each year since family circumstances and the Program’s funding may change.

Our Affordable Tuition Program is managed by School and Student Services (SSS), a financial assessment organization, which provides PWS a framework through which household need can be measured fairly, equitably, and confidentially.  You may apply here:  The Pasadena Waldorf School SSS code is 5687

Deadlines / Timeline

For re-enrolling families to be eligible for priority consideration:

  • submit your completed application no later than January 5, 2018
  • upload your 2017 W2 no later than February 5, 2018.
  • re-enrolling families can expect a decision on February 26, 2018.

For new families:

  • Completed application received by February 1, 2018 will be considered ahead of applications received after February 1st;
  • If you apply by February 1, 2018, you can expect a decision by March 22, 2018.

Late applications will still be considered, subject to availability within our budget.  Late applicants will receive their decision as soon as it is practical after April 1 2018, generally at the same time or within days of receiving the admission decision.

When Affordable Tuition applications have been approved, families will receive an agreement from our registrar with both the adjustment amount and tuition amount, to be signed by the enrollment or re-enrollment deadline.

If an Affordable Tuition application is declined, PWS will notify the family of the reason for being declined.  The family will be given the opportunity to appeal this decision, if there are changed or special circumstances that were not considered in the original application.

If you have questions about Affordable Tuition, please email and one of our staff will get back to you.  You may also contact PWS Admissions Director Jennifer Quintana