A thrilling weekend in Girls’ Volleyball as the Panthers matched up against the other Southern California Waldorf Schools on the beach in Marina Del Rey this past Saturday. The three Pasadena teams (sixth, seventh/eighth, and eighth grade groupings) competed all day under the sun in the double elimination tournament, honing their passing and serving skills and elevating their team work.

The seventh/eighth and eighth grade teams faced each other in the semi-finals in a dynamic round of amazing rallies and powerful serves. The eighth grade team pulled ahead, advancing into the Finals where they faced the team from Westside Waldorf School for a 2 out of 3 game match.

Riding the momentum they gained from the previous round, our Panthers took the lead in the first game with a string of ace serves and great returns. The wind started to become a factor and fatigue from the long day of playing in the sand looked like it might take hold as our girls gave up a host of points, bringing the score neck and neck with the Waves. The eighth graders held together and won 21-18. In an intense second game, our girls fought hard, never giving up, showing their tremendous athleticism with amazing saves out of the net and from the back court. Surrounded by elation from the whole Panthers group, they took the game 21-19, winning the tournament and bringing home a well-deserved trophy. Way to go Panthers!

At Monday’s eight game series in the Westridge C tournament, the sixth grade girls pulled together with incredible improvement, handling the ball and “talking it up” on the court. Wowing their fans and coaches, they won four of their games, including the only defeat of the tournament winners. Thank you to all the supporters who came out to cheer them on!

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