This past week, the third graders shared their first public dramatic presentation with the PWS community. The play, “A Creation Story,” written by Dennis Demanett, emerged out of class curriculum, integrating Eurythmy, Music, and Art classes. Through daily speech work and movement, the children learned every word of the play. During Eurythmy class, they interpreted the word through gesture, sound, and movement. Music classes offered insight into the beauty of their songs. In Art classes, we painted days of creation and experienced the light in the watercolor. With very little fuss and interruption of their school days, the class warmed and ensouled this story. Play-acting develops clear speech and improved spelling, the use of meaningful gestures develops careful listening, and learning to move with ease about the stage enhances spatial orientation. Beyond this, putting on a play brings the class together as a whole, solidifies their social bonds, and creates a sense of community among all the children in the class.

Through “playing,” the children have experienced sharing and joy. The pride they have gained from their hard work can be felt in the classroom. The art of class play production is a very powerful thing. The development of our students’ capacities is enriched through this art. I truly feel blessed to share this work with my students. To be honest, we never once considered this “work,” but simply PLAY!

I express my gratitude to Ms. Ravens, Mrs. Livingston, and the many parents who assisted the children in the preparation and presentation of this class play. Special thanks to Lucas Janin for capturing loving photographic memories.

Submitted by Wendy Campbell, Third Grade Class Teacher

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