High School Consultant
English Mentor

Betty Staley, advisor to Pasadena Waldorf High School development, has been a Waldorf teacher for fifty years. Having been a class teacher, she then founded the Sacramento Waldorf High School where she taught history and literature and sponsored four classes (from 9th–12th grade), until she left to begin the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program at Rudolf Steiner College in 1992. She has helped to found high schools at the San Francisco Waldorf School, the Waldorf High School of Massachusetts Bay, the San Diego Waldorf School, and the Waldorf School of the Peninsula. She continues as an advisor to a number of Waldorf high schools. Betty Staley is a world-wide lecturer and workshop presenter and the author of seven books on adolescent and adult development as well as on curriculum. She is currently designing the high school training for Chengdu Waldorf School in China.