Families come to Waldorf education actively seeking developmentally-appropriate experiences so their children might grow into interested, interesting people who one day will contribute something to the world. In that sense, Waldorf schools are intentional communities, populated by people who are committed not only to the school’s mission and educational philosophy, but also to a home life which complements and supports these values.

Our guidelines evolved from the understanding that what children are exposed to outside of school influences their interaction and behavior in school. Such exposure has the potential to create social exclusion, an unfortunate criterion for choosing friends or playmates. When the parents agree to work from the same assumptions and ground rules, their collective wisdom can create an even more supportive environment for their children.

Our media guidelines are meant for pre-school and elementary-school-age children.

For our purposes, we define media to include:

  • Television, DVD, video, film
  • Computers, internet, cellular phones, PDAs
  • Recorded music, radios, iPods, MP3 and other portable music players
  • Video, arcade, and computer games such as Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, handhelds

Our goal for students in Early Childhood through Grade 5

  • No media, particularly on nights preceding and following school days.
  • The younger the child, the more vitally important this is.

Our goal for students in Middle School, Grades 6 through 8

  • Parents, if you decide to introduce media usage, do it slowly and judiciously.
  • Put the computer in a public place in your home and use a password for access.
  • Provide rules for computer and/or internet usage, and stick to them.
  • Prohibit media exposure on any evening preceding a school day, including instant messaging and e-mailing.
  • Prohibit access to web sites where your child may post his or her personal information.
  • Encourage regular study habits in a quiet environment, without a backdrop of recorded music and/or video.
  • Limit time spent listening to iPods and other portable music players.
  • Review all media content beforehand and discuss it afterwards.
  • Censor anything that runs counter to your values, or may be developmentally inappropriate. Screen music for content of lyrics.
  • Observe PG-13 and R ratings for movies.
  • Rock concerts are not appropriate.


Click here for a copy of our Media Guidelines.