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Administrator’s Message

Dear Prospective Parents and Friends,

Welcome to Pasadena Waldorf School’s website. Founded in 1979, our school is part of a growing international movement of Waldorf schools providing an inspired curriculum of innovation and discovery based on the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner. Our programs serve children across the entire spectrum of child development from early childhood to high school, beginning with birth-to-three program for infants/toddlers and their families, continuing with preschool and kindergarten, early grades, middle school, and high school. Following Waldorf principles of child development, our curriculum and pedagogy evolve and change to meet the developing needs of the growing child. A strong play-based emphasis in early childhood lays the foundation for the academic fundamentals of the early grades and the sophisticated cross-disciplinary college preparatory curriculum of the high school.

Because we have observed our alumni grow into mature and sensitive adults, we are confident that the Waldorf approach and our dedicated and insightful teachers have contributed to a generation of adults who have “the capacity for creative and independent thought as well as the discernment to act in a free and morally responsible way” as we say in our mission statement.

I invite you to peruse our website, explore our programs, and arrange a visit to see for yourself everything that our school has to offer.


Daniel Hindes