Consistent with a curriculum that exceeds University of California “a-g” requirements, science is a core subject at PWS. Students study the full range of traditional¬†college-preparatory science subjects, and take the equivalent of one year of science classes at each grade level. Observation, exploration, and understanding the natural world are the main focuses of the science courses. Students deepen their understanding of the four main scientific branches: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science, which are each taught in a block format, allowing for an extraordinarily deep approach to a more precise understanding of the natural world. Students study one block in each area at every grade level. By revisiting Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science each year, students learn to reflect and gain a greater understanding of these scientific disciplines as they intellectually mature and develop.


The PWS college-preparatory math curriculum follows a traditional course of study and develops the aptitude for abstract and logical thinking in a creative, challenging, and comprehensive manner. Students are placed by ability and study Algebra I or II, and then Geometry, and Calculus. An enhanced math curriculum includes conceptual areas of mathematics, including in-depth explorations of Descriptive Geometry, Surveying, Projective Geometry, and Permutations and Combinations. Math is taught over four years in two formats: year-round classes and intensive block classes. Year-round classes develop reasoning and problem solving skills in the traditional content of math, while block classes are intense immersions into the imaginative and historical areas of math. The math curriculum prepares students by developing the essential math skills needed for college and beyond.