Full High School Chorus

9th – 12th Grades: Year-long, UC “a-g” approved course
Instructor: Mr. Masur

The full high school choral ensemble provides a musically rich, community centered artistic experience, focusing on cultivating a balance between personal growth and collective growth through the ongoing development of musical skills and vocal and performance technique. The choral ensemble thereby facilitates the cultivation of full school community as faculty and students work together to create a deeply meaningful artistic experience.

Topic Areas:
  • Musicianship
  • Understanding individual parts & their arrangement
  • Healthy singing technique (posture, breathwork, vocalization, etc.)
  • Ensemble blend (vowel shaping, dynamics, phrasing, diction, etc.)
  • a cappella & accompaniment singing
  • Rehearsing
  • Public performance

Full High School Instrumental Ensemble

9th – 12th Grades: Year-long, UC “a-g” approved course

All students participate in the Instrumental Ensemble, which meets as flexible subset configurations and a full high school ensemble, thereby providing opportunities for everyone, from beginner to accomplished instrumentalist. Subsets are organized by instrument families (strings, percussion, winds, brass, rhythm instruments, etc.) and, on occasion, by skill level or chamber groups. The full ensemble is lead by the Music Director and the subsets are team-taught by professional musicians in each instrument family.

Topic Areas:
  • Musicianship
  • Understanding individual parts & their arrangement
  • Group Improvisation
  • Sectional & full ensemble rehearsing
  • Full Ensemble performances

Musicianship I & II

9th & 10th Grades: 8 week credit earning courses
Instructor: Mr. Masur

This sequence of courses develops the musical skills needed to work effectively in the chorus and instrumental ensemble, focusing on understanding the principles of musical notation, reading notation, and understanding the foundational nomenclature of musical performance. Content and skills evolve from year to year, and students with an already developed sense of musicianship have the opportunity to work at a more advanced level or assist the teacher.

Topic Areas:
  • Musical notation
  • Reading music
  • Working collaboratively

Advanced Musicianship

11th & 12th Grades: Year-long credit earning course
Instructor: Mr. Masur

This semi-independent study elective is designed specifically for students with a high level of musical knowledge, experience, and ambition. While its specific content varies dependent on the interests of the students enrolled, its common elements from year to year are musical theory, composition, and preparation for higher musical training or professional experience.

Topic Areas:
  • Advanced notation & reading
  • Music Theory
  • Composition

History of Consciousness through Music

11th Grade: 4 weeks main lesson intensive; UC “a-g” approved course
Instructor: Mr. Masur

This core curriculum, aesthetics’ course follows a chronological and cultural sequence that focuses on the aesthetic and expressive development of music in Western human history. As such it studies the development of different forms of musical practice and expression in the ancient, medieval and modern worlds. Primary attention is giving to the human experience of hearing and the developing of consciousness from the “darkness of the earth” to “the light of the cosmos” as it has been practiced throughout recorded history. Key question that weave through the course are, “what is music” and “why do we as humans feel a need to express ourselves through music?”

Topic Areas:
  • Nomenclature and The Elements of Music
  • Historical Periods of Art Music:
  • Ancient Greece
  • Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Classical
  • Romanticism
  • Modern Music