Awakening through active imitation. Young children learn constantly, but not consciously. They absorb their learning from all that is around them and all that they do. That is why Waldorf schools takes great care to provide an environment for the Early Childhood program that is filled with harmonious sense impressions, natural objects, and plenty of healthy open-air creative play and work. Surrounded by trees, flowers, the garden, hay bales, soil, and water, the children dig, pump, run, swing, rake, hoe, and chatter merrily, learning abundantly through their busy doing.

The indoor play environment is filled with natural toys designed for maximum imagination. The classic Waldorf dolls and other handmade toys are present in abundance. Cooking sets and building blocks made of polished wood are friendly to small hands, while inspired accessories straight from nature such as pine cones or crystals find their place alongside the versatile silks as perennial favorites.

With an environment conducive to peaceful and joyful learning, the teachers are able to bring the children into a consistent rhythm for the school day. The teachers nourish the feeling of security within the children, just as they also provide a nourishing diet of healthy organic snacks which the children help to prepare and serve to their classmates. The participation in group activities and the service toward other classmates all contribute to the development of the whole child.

The Pasadena Waldorf School offers three-day, four-day, and five-day Early Childhood programs for children three-years and three months old to six. We also offer a Parent-Child Program for children starting at age ten months.

Parent-Child Program – Starts at age 10 months

One or two days a week

Preschool – Starts at age 3 years

Three, four, and five-day options

Kindergarten – Starts at age 4 years, 9 months

Five days a week