2016-2017 School Year Important Dates


29         High School First Day of School


5           Labor Day (no school)

7          First Day of School (Grades 1-8)

             Rose Ceremony

             Kindergarten Welcoming Day

8          First Day of School (Kindergarten)

             Preschool Welcoming Day

9          Preschool Welcoming Day

             High School Back-to-School Event

10         Early Childhood – Grade 8 Back-to-School Event

12         First Day of School (Preschool 5-day, 4-day, and 3-day MTW)

             First Day of Parent-Child Program (MW classes)

13         First Day of Parent-Child Program (TTh classes)

14         First Day of School (Preschool 3-day WThF)

15         First day of Parent-Child Program (Friday classes)

17         Parent Council Sponsored Hoe Down

29        Michaelmas


3-7       Grade 12 College Week (No School G12 Only)

8           Elves’ Faire Raising

10         All-School Pupil Free Day (No School; School Offices Open)


18          Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm; After School Care closes at 4:30 pm

19           Elves’ Faire

23-25     Thanksgiving Holiday (No School)


15           Festival of Light

16           Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm; After Care closes at 4:30 pm

19           Start of Winter Break (No School)

January 2017

2             Last Day of Winter Break

3             Classes Resume

16           Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No School)


20          President’s Day (No School)

21-24     Teacher Development Week (No School)


10           Start of Spring Break (No School)

21           Last Day of Spring Break (No School)

24           Classes Resume


5             May Faire

19           High School Art Show

20           Spring Development Event

24           Grade 3-5 Instrumental Music Concert

25           Middle School Instrumental Music Concert

29           Memorial Day (No School)


2            Last Day of Parent-Child Program

7            Rainbow Bridge Ceremony

              Last Day of School for Preschool and Kindergarten

9            Last Day of School for Grades 1-8, High School (Early Dismissal)

              Class of 2021 Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony

10         Class of 2017 High School Graduation Ceremony


Calendar is subject to further changes. Please keep up-to-date by regularly checking your household and all-school calendars through the  Parent Portal.