Pasadena Waldorf Students Present First Play of the Year

Attended by many families and friends, the adaptation of St. George and the Dragon is a part of the annual Michaelmas Festival at the school.

On a beautiful fall morning against the backdrop of the historic Scripps Mansion, the second and sixth grade classes of Pasadena Waldorf School combined to present a performance of the story of St. George and the Dragon. The sixth graders continued their beloved tradition of playing the part of the dragon, complete with a dramatic Chinese-style dragon costume. The second grade embraced their first public performance, eagerly enacting the exciting story of a village living in dread of the fearsome dragon, and a knight who, with mystic inspiration from Saint Michael, rises to the challenge and conquers the beast. This play comes out of the second grade curriculum that covers heroes, heroines, and legends.

Following the play, the entire student body from first through eighth grade thoroughly enjoyed a series of engaging and rousing games ranging from obstacle courses to jousting to matches of endurance and agility as a traditional part of the Michaelmas Festival.