Hired by:   The College of Teachers

Reports to:  College of Teachers

General Statement of Duties:

The High School Pedagogical Chair is responsible for overseeing and advancing the quality of PWS’s high school educational program, its development, implementation, and review.  S/he is responsible for representing it to parents and for coordinating programmatic parent education. This person will be able to collaborate with the College of Teachers and Board of Trustees on behalf of the high school.

This is a full time salaried position, approximately half of which will include classroom teaching, preferably in upper level history/humanities.


  1.  Observe regularly the PWS high school program to experience the quality of program and teaching; work to advance and ensure pedagogical quality, and support ongoing professional development.  Meet with and give observation notes to teachers who are observed and maintain written records of observations.
  2. Act as on-site mentor to faculty members identified by HSMG and/or COT yearly.
  3. Plan programmatic parent education for the high school and incoming middle school parents, in conjunction with faculty and with Parent Ed. Mandate Group.
  4. Meet weekly with the High School Administrator and All-School Administrator.  Be available to report to the COT or CLG as needed.
  5. Head high school faculty study
  6. Work with PWS Staffing Committee to help recruit and screen faculty candidates as needed.
  7. Work with PWS Professional Development Mandate Group to ensure high school teacher evaluations and self- evaluations occur in compatible form with PWS policy. Additionally, ensure that professional development occurs among high school faculty.
  8. Participate in conflict resolution  when there are issues regarding classroom management, teacher pedagogical performance, or PWS pedagogical program.
  9. Attend parent meetings at identified grade levels to support the class advisors in articulating the Waldorf curriculum and programs. Support new teachers in developing effective and informative parent meetings.
  10. Support class advisors and faculty according to PWS articulated principles.
  11. Speak at public events, within the school and outside in the community, at recruitment events, etc. as needed, on aspects of Waldorf education.
  12. Study and share trends in Waldorf education, private education, and public education to keep the faculty current and informed.


  1. Ten years or more experience in Waldorf education, with a majority of that in Waldorf high school education, preferably at more than one Waldorf school.
  2. Waldorf teacher training or the equivalent.
  3. Is recognized by peers as competent in the classroom.
  4. Demonstrated commitment to Anthroposophy and individual self-development.
  5. Demonstrated leadership ability among faculty, parents,  and students in a Waldorf school setting.
  6. Demonstrated skill, insight,  and experience in effectively mentoring colleagues.
  7. Experience, insight, and skillfulness in evaluating peers.
  8. Strong time management skills
  9. Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  10. Effective public speaking skills.
  11. Demonstrated competence in administrative planning and follow-through.
  12. Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree  in relevant field  preferred.