Parents are responsible for submitting a COMPLETE application (items 1 – 7 below) in hard copy to the Financial Assistance Office via the Lower School (Mariposa) front office.

The Financial Assistance Office will not begin review of the assistance application until the package is completed. Not adhering to established timelines for application and response to assistance grant awards may impact enrollment.

1) A letter describing your family’s financial situation.

2) Download, print, and complete the following forms:

a) Financial Assistance Application

b) Monthly Income/Expense Statement and Assets/Liabilities Statement 

c) Parent Confidentiality Statement

3) If you receive a W2 – submit the W2 and your three most recent paycheck stubs.

4) Submit your signed and dated 2016 Federal AND State Income Tax Returns complete with all schedules. If you have not completed your 2016 returns, submit your 2015 Federal AND State returns.

Note: 2016 tax returns (personal and partnership/corporate), if not submitted with the application are due before October 1st of the current year, and may provide information that upon review may alter the financial assistance award.

5) If you file them, submit 2016 Partnership or Corporate Tax Returns. (Submit 2015 returns if 2016 have not been completed. The 2016 returns are then due to the school before October 1st.)

6) Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) through and pay the SSS application fee.  The four-digit code for PWS is 5687. Do not send any other documents to SSS.

7) Print a copy of the PFS you submitted through SSS website to include with 1-6 above.

Note:  for divorced, separated or never married parents, the non-custodial parent must submit items 1-6 above.

The school may also request additional information or clarification to help evaluate the financial assistance request.

All information is kept strictly confidential by the Financial Assistance Office.