Seventh and Eighth Grades Track and Field Meet Highlights


All of the seventh and eighth graders participated in the Southern California Waldorf School’s Track and Field Meet in Orange County.  Over 350 athletes, from nine schools, competed in running, jumping and throwing events.  Our PWS athletes have been practicing their selected events in P.E., honing their skills, building their endurance and speed, and learning new techniques to run faster, jump higher, and throw farther. Congratulations to all the participants for working hard and pushing their boundaries to improve in all events. Hearing from the kids, the best part of the day was in meeting new friends and reconnecting with students from other schools whom they had met at past Waldorf School gatherings. Thanks to Mr. Baker, Mrs. Gould, and Coach Bailey for leading the group in this year’s training!  Gracious thanks to all the parents who drove and who were on hand to cheer the team and to navigate some intense moments.  Track season is officially over!